Theme for 2021: Curiosity

Cultivating Curiosity
Cultivating Curiosity Stella Min
Cultivating Curiosity

I’m the type of person who has a to-do list that is a mile long and the tradition of making New Year’s Resolutions just compounds this list. That’s why I’ve decided to try something new this year. Based on a tradition I learned from from following Gretchen Rubin, I picked a single idea that will representing an overarching theme for my year. Curiosity.

According to the Cambridge dictionary, curiosity is defined as “an eager wish to know or learn about something.” The Collins dictionary and Merriam-Webster dictionary offer similar definitions but the language is not as strong — “a desire to know about something” and (the definition that I most strongly identify with) an “interest leading to inquiry,” respectively.

As I put what has been the most extraordinary and eventful year of my life to rest, I want to ground 2021 in a concept that encompasses openness to new information and experiences. It’s a term that I think encourages creativity and thoughtfulness. It orients you toward what’s around you and invites you to think deeper about the mundane or the seemingly obvious.

So rather than placing added pressures on myself to cross some resolutions off my list, I’ll be cultivating curiosity this year. True to my theme, I’m curious, did you make resolutions for this year? If so, what are they? If you didn’t, why not? Are you doing something else, like choosing a theme, instead? Let me know in a comment or reach out on social media.

Happy 2021 Everyone!